Damaged & Lost Baggage

Read more about compensation rules for damaged & lost baggage and figure out whether your case is eligible for refund.

Up to 1200 €

Damaged Baggage

Your baggage is considered as damaged only after the evaluation process, done by the airport staff.

Lost Baggage

An airline has 7 days to find your luggage, and only after this time period, it is considered as lost.

Step 1

It is very important to claim your baggage was damaged/lost prior to leaving the airport. Go to the Lost & Found desk and tell them what happened.

Step 2

At the Lost & Found desk, ask for a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Without this document, you cannot prove that something happened to your luggage.

Step 3

Submit a claim at PandaClaim and attach the PIR. We will contact the airline on your behalf and deal with all the issues.

Step 4

Keep calm and let us do our work. After we finish the case, you will be contacted by our team, and we will transfer the compensation.

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Compensation process for Damaged & Lost Baggage

  • 1

    Baggage is damaged or lost

    If you your baggage was damaged or lost, you have to submit a claim within 7 days after the incident. After the 7th day, your case is not valid.

  • 2

    Check flight at PandaClaim

    Just press a 'Check flight' button and let us review your case. We respond within 24 hours after submission.

  • 3

    Get your money back

    Relax and take your time, we will do all the job and send the money to your account after winning the case.